meOwns allows users to enhance and personalize their social networks profiles, blogs or any type of personal homepages, by expressing themselves through their owned collections in a more fascinating way using meOwns widget. People can tell what type of person you are just by taking a look at your personal belonging.

meOwns: Your Personal Property.. Your Personal Figure

People spend hours customizing their personal web pages, blogs and social network profiles. When you're customizing your personal page, you're actually personalizing it. Your target is to make it match your personality as much as you can. In other words, you're actually building your web personal figure. You express yourself through your pictures, your thoughts and other stuff that people can know you through.

One of things that can help you build your personal figure is your personal belongings. People that visit your page can tell what kind of person you are just by taking a look at your stuff.

What is meOwns?

meOwns is a web application that helps people complete their personal figure on their blogs, social network profiles and other personal web pages by publishing their personal collections. By creating a meOwns account, you can add your owned items and group them into collections. Then you can enhance your personal blog, social network profile or any other personal web page by adding the elegant meOwns widget to it. People that visit your page can view your meOwns collections and interact with it without any extra effort from you. You can maintain your collections using basic meOwns features from the widget, as a part of your page personalization.

What can you do with meOwns?

meOwns offers a number of friendly, owning-related features. Even if you are not a registered meOwns user, you can view others' collections and search for items and users on meOwns. However, creating your own meOwns account, you mainly can:

  • maintain your collections of your owned items
  • maintain your personal wish list
  • add items from others' collections and wish lists to your collections and wish list
  • maintain a garage sale of items you would like to sell
  • request to buy items from others
  • manage all this from your own personal web page

Why is meOwns worth trying?

The prime advantage you get when you decide to use meOwns is that you get most of the features in a minimal space of your personal page. You are naturally used to spend a significant amount of time on your personal web page, and you needn't change this fact. You can import meOwns to seamlessly any web page. You can enhance the look of your personal page, grab more attention and interaction to it, and let it describe you in a more fascinating way. All you have to do is create a meOwns account, customize your widget by selecting its dimensions and theme according to the place you are going to embed it in. Then you can get your widget html and add it to your page in the suitable place.